About“Ship of the Ryukyu”

What is
“Ship of the Ryukyu”

Colorful Okinawan performances on stage

“Ship of the Ryukyu” is a stage performance project sponsored by Okinawa Prefecture. Every year we select stage performances which feature modern Okinawa, mixed with traditional Okinawan performing arts. In 2018, we selected three different performances. Please experience the powerful and brilliant stage performance of each performers’ own unique world.

What are Magnetic contents

Artistic and entertaining performances, mixed with Okinawan traditional culture, tends to attract people like magnets. Avant-grade, powerful, and touching Okinawan stage performances are ready this year too.

Add to the memory of your trip

Okinawa is an entertaining island where singing and dancing thrive. “Ship of the Ryukyu” focuses on lesser known aspects of Okinawa. For those who want to experience something different, and to see real Okinawan culture beneath the surface, it is the perfect addition to a very memorable trip.