How to buy tickets

Ticket prices (including sales tax)

All three performance ticket prices are as shown below -including sales tax.

2500 yen
Below high school age
2000 yen
*Preschool children don’t need a ticket if they sit on a lap.

How to buy tickets Tickets are available on our Web site or at the door. Check below to see how to buy tickets.

Buy tickets on our Website

1. Go to the performer’s web page
2. Select the date and time
3. Carry out the payment as shown * It may require you to register a membership when you buy a ticket.

【Buy tickets】

⇒ Okinawa Karate Garden

⇒ HAPPY BALLOONS♪ *In preparation

⇒ OKINAWA SANSAN *In preparation

Buy at the door

If there is any seat available, you can buy a ticket at the door, but there is high possibility for the seats of a popular performance to be full, so we recommend that you buy a ticket ahead of time on our Website.


Okinawa Karate Garden



*A location for each performance is shown on the performances’ introduction page.